Amanda Heims Law

I am a licensed lawyer in Iowa, practicing in the Southwest District (District 4)

Criminal Defense

Amanda Represents clients charged with any criminal offense, up to, and including felony…

Personal Injury

Since establishing her law firm, Amanda has worked on multiple personal…

Family Law

Amanda understands that divorce and custody disputes can be one of the most difficult times in…

Estate Planning / Guardianships

Amanda has been involved in Estate Planning and Guardianships since she was a…

Why Choose Us

Since the founding of Amanda J. Heims, P.C., we have fought to represent our clients’ rights and interests. Amanda understands that if you are in need of a lawyer, you are most likely going through one of the worst circumstances in your life. That is why Amanda’s philosophy is, “You don’t need a lawyer, you need an advocate.” Amanda is known throughout southwest Iowa as an advocate who will fight for your case because she truly believes in justice for those who do not have the training to fight through the justice system.  We know you have a choice when choosing an advocate to represent your interests, so Amanda offers a free consultation and appointments scheduled at your convenience.  Please CONTACT US if you’d like to discuss future business!


523 6th Ave.
Council Bluffs, IA 51503